Water Voices

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An invitation to walk through the streets of Bizanet, to follow the water and its mysteries, equipped with an aquatic listening device. The voices of the water create an invisible cartography based on the flows of the water and the childhood imagination, inviting us to explore the village from a different perspective.

This sonic journey is the result of a two months residency in the village, punctuated by work sessions at the primary school and multiple meetings with the inhabitants. Together, we wrote a tale interpreted by the children, which invites us to listen and walk around the village. The sounds are broadcasted underwater through aquatic speakers, which can be listened to with an aquatic microphone (hydrophone) made with the children.

Do here the soundwalk online (text in French) 

The creation was made with the children of the CE2-CM1 class of the elementary school: Anaïs, Emma, ​​Élisa R., Elisa V., Gaspard, Guilhem, Hugo, Janel, Jilia, Julia, Julian, Laïla, Lana, Loan, Louis, Lucien, Manon C., Manon N., Mélissa, Merlin, Nelly, Noah, Odilon, Romane, Sarah, Tom and Victor and their teachers Brigitte Lelièvre and Sandra Cathala.

With the participation of Marylène Arsac, Yves Garcia, Marie Lambert, Jeanine Bertin, Jean Muratet, Daniel Ulldemolins, the Heritage Museum, the Media library and the technical services of the town hall.
Online map by Sara Lana
A production by the Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Regional Nature Park in collaboration with the town hall of Bizanet and with the support of the DRAC Occitanie.
Public presentation on 12th and 13th of June 2021.

Many thanks to all those I was able to meet in the streets of Bizanet, as well as to Sara Lana, Marie-Christine Cabanas, Andres Blume, Noémie Diaz, Émile, Thomas Tilly, Michel Redolfi, Isabelle Vincent, Cedric Bru, Alice Roy and Brigitte Denhin.

Large Washhouse
At the end of the route, a sound installation uses the flow of the water to activate 12 pendulums. Their sound evokes the work of washerwomen who once washed their laundry in the large washhouse. At the end of each iron tube, an old washing paddle is used to hit a copper basin. The washing paddles were lent by the villagers of Bizanet.