Grand Lavoir

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Large Washhouse (Grand Lavoir)
At the end of the route “Les voix de l’eau”, a sound installation uses the flow of the water to activate 12 pendulums. Their sound evokes the work of washerwomen who once washed their laundry in the large washhouse. At the end of each iron tube, an old washing paddle is used to hit a copper basin. The washing paddles were lent by the villagers of Bizanet.

With the washing paddles from Musée du Patrimoine de Bizanet and Claire Delbourg, Jackie Saunière, Mme Aragou, Mme Garcia, Gisèle Cassin and Yannick Séguier (Histoire en spectacle).
With the participation of de Marie Lambert, Marylène Arsac, Daniel Ulldemolins, Jeanine Bertin, Yves Garcia, Christian Salas, Jean-Michel, Émile and mairie technical services.
A project together with Andres Blume
Sound and video recording : Sara Lana
Assistant : Noémie Diaz
Produced by Parc naturel régional de la Narbonnaise en Méditerranée in collaborarion with mairie de Bizanet and the support of DRAC Occitanie in 2021.