DIY Windscreen

A simple tutorial to do a windscreen for your microphone (⌀ 20mm), step by step. Do It Yourself following each step below.


  1. Obal (⌀ 10cm) x2 ⋍ 6€ each
  2. Synthetic Fur (⋍1m x 50cm)
  3. Suspension Superlux HM30 ⋍ 3€
  4. Sugru (moldable glue) x2
  5. Elastic cord (⋍1m)
  6. Plastics cord locks x 2
  7. Sewing thread
  8. Sheet of paper


  1. Cutter (Blade Knife)
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Permanent ink pen
  5. Poska paint marker
  6. Sewing machine


  • Take out the inner part of the Superlux suspension HM30
  • Cut it in the middle with the cutter (Blade Knife)
  • Put each part of the suspension in one of the hole of the Oball

STEP 2  | SUGRU (or silicone with cornstarch)

  • Open one of the Sugru package 
    Note about Sugru: You could do your own moldable glue mixing 50% silicone with 50% cornstarch (maizena) to get a similar result as the sugru.
  • Apply the Sugru (or the silicone mix) between the suspension and the oball, in order to glue both elements. One pack per ball is enough.
  • Let it dry for 24hours before using


  • Mark with a chalk or liquid chalk paint marker a circle of 10,5cm and a rectangle of 34cm x 10,5cm
  • Cut the figures with scissors


  • Saw the pieces of synthetic fur with a sewing machine
  • Put an elastic cord on the edge and a plastic cord lock at the end of it


  • After 24h mount the windscreen on your microphone
  • Put the synthetic fur on it
  • Go to record in the wind!
  • Enjoy!

This tutorial is not an invention, but rather a combination of different ideas and DIY experiments on the internet, specially Jérôme Bailly for his nice initiative. Many thanks to Marie-Christine Cabanas and Elisa Lana for the sewing part!

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Oball windscreen by Jérôme Bailly
Oball + ORTF Superlux by Sara Lana
Oball + synthetic fur in the field by Félix Blume (2 Schoeps CCM4 on a Cinela ORTF suspension)

An extra step to reduce further the wind noise (shared by Luc Bélanger)

  • Get a pair of women over the knee nylon socks, the translucent type.
  • Before modifying the O’ball (between steps 1 and 2), tie a knot in one of the socks above the ankle part.
  • Insert the ball until you reach this knot and pull the sock tissue until it is tight. Do not pull too hard, the nylon must give easily to pressure.
  • Then grab the sock at the end of the ball and while pulling on the sock, to maintain tightness, make one 1/2 complete turn and turn the sock over the ball again.
  • Pull again until it is tight and when you arrive at the previously mentioned knot, get everything tight and in place with a small zip tie. 
  • DO NOT CUT the remaining of the sock yet.
  • Now add some glue between the two layers of nylon here and there. You can try with plastic model cement or transparent nail varnish (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t)
  • It is important to glue the section of the knot and the whole thing around the opening… let dry a few hours and then cut the opening with a X-Acto, preferably with #11 new blades. Now you can proceed with the rest of the instructions.