Text by Mônica Hoff about “Ao Pe do Ouvido” and “Andamento”

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“For sight is sense that separates us from things, and hearing sense that plunges us into them.” For Vilém Flusser, the seen world is circumstance and the heard world is a participated world. According to the philosopher, the former is a substantive world; the latter presents itself as a verbal world in which voices and sounds call us while running in the opposite direction to our own voices. Because sound is not something, but someone. And Félix Blume knows this better than anyone. In the three months he lived in São Paulo he tirelessly traveled the city. Above all, he listened to it. From this research, as disciplined as it was exhaustive, two works emerged: Andamento and Ao pé do ouvido. The first is a sound installation composed of the sounds of steps collected in different neighborhoods of São Paulo that gain materiality in the form of footwear, which together form a kind of Concerto para Sapatos. The second is a careful listening of the voices that are arriving in São Paulo and their dreams in relation to the city, which are presented together in small entangled sound boxes that bring together a collective dream.

Text by Mônica Hoff, curator responsible for the curatorial follow-up of Cycle II of Pivô Pesquisa 2022

Félix Blume was resident artist of Cycle II of Pivô Pesquisa 2022