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Andamento (On the move) is a sound installation made of different shoes that represent São Paulo’s tempo. Each shoe lifts its cap and hits the floor through an internal mechanism, marking the steps of the passerby at a certain place in the city. Passerby tempo was registered and studied for one hour in each place, in order to calculate the average speed.
Lying on the floor, this solitary shoes concert invites us to listen to the pulse of the city.

This project was realized as part of Pivô Research residency, with the support of Consulat General of France in São Paulo in 2022. 

Curator: Mônica Hoff
Coordination: Thiego Montiel
Text by Mônica Hoff here
With the invaluable help of Sara Lana
Technical design: Mau Jabur
Graphic design: Sara Lana
With the help of Ana Medina