Stone stories

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Histoires de Pierres (Stone stories) is a soundwalk and sound installation at the crossroads of the poetic sound piece, the geology cabinet and imaginary archeology. An invitation to wander through the streets and discover the village of Fitou, while listening to the song of the rocks and its rocky landscape, the sound of the wind and the intimate stories of its inhabitants. 

They all have their unique relationship with stones: the one that makes the undeniable quality of wine, that of the wall on their house, the one they carry every Friday to restore the shelters in the garrigue, the one they picked up during a stroll and kept almost mechanically now sitting on a corner of the fireplace. Stones that would seem banal become precious, they are ancient treasures and the inhabitants are their guardians. Each story is unique and if we connect them, they sketch the history of a community. An invitation to discover the village through different ears.


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EXHIBITION, 8 channel sound installation (31 min.) 9 stones, 14 Black and white pictures.

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With the voices of : Cathy Angevin-Djan, Alexis Armangau, Paul-Serge Ayrolles, Olivier Briqueu, Didier Dubois, Jade Ching, Jean-Marie Fabre, Morgane Fisk, Pascaline Fisk, Simone Fresquet, Gérard Gaïché, Cyril Gaillot, Claire Hamant, Lou Heudiard, Mme Malafret, Jean-Louis Martin, Alex Mayans, Jean-Alexis Noël, Marc Pala, Sophie Pasquer, Gilles Rousset, Salomé, Christel Savarese, Laurent Savarese, André Sibaud, Valérie Snyers, Laetitia Valette, Jean-Luc Vidal, Romain Vidal, Thomas Vidal and Gabin (the dog).
And children from the MJC : Clara, Éléa, Elisha, Jules and Marceau
Vocal and sound experimentations by Les Fadas chorus, under the artistic direction of Pascaline Fisk, with Rosy Ayrolles, Danielle Lejeune, Sylvie Lejeune, Magali Gilardeau, Rolande Parent, Marc et Claudine Dannay, Jean-Marie, Marcha Frieh, Alain Loiselle, Evelyne Joachim, Josette Pereire, Cédric Deloince, Didier y Brigitte Serra.
Harmonica : Alain Loiselle
Hunting horn : École Catalane des Trompes de France
With the participation of:  Phacélie, Las Capitelles al Vent and École Primaire de Fitou.
Thank you to : Alexis Armangau, Roselyne Ayrolles, Cylinia Bertrand, Andres Blume, Samia Blume, Samuel Blume, Marie-Christine Cabanas, Pascaline Fisk, Gilles Fresquet, Monique Gaïché, Guillaume Jouquet, Sara Lana, François Llorens, Jérôme Martin, Ana Medina, Christian Pasquer, Yanna Pasquer, Aurore Pierson, Micheline Pirard, Catherine Vidal and Marie Weill.
Parc coordination: Nathalie Poux
La Chapelle de Fitou : Gilles Rousset, Cathy Angevin-Djan and Didier Dubois
Reception at the chapel : Laetitia Capelle
Installation of the exhibition : Marie Deweirder, Virginie Genet and Gilles Rousset
Sound recordings done at Fitou municipality during September-October 2022. 

A project by Parc naturel régional de la Narbonnaise en Méditerranée with the collaboration of the community of Fitou, Fitou chapel and the MJC in 2022.