Essaim | Swarm

Swarm sound installation is composed by 250 small speakers, each one reproducing the sound of a flying bee. Suspended in the exhibition space, those sonic devices offer us several listening experiences ranging from the group to the individual. The visitor is invited to approach those small beings and become part of the swarm, in a sound immersion within bees. It’s then possible to listen to those voices as many individual testimonies by these workers that tend to get unnoticed. We listen to their singing, their screaming or their chatting, in the way of an aerial choir.

The bees have been recorded with a sound recording studio specifically designed for them. We’ve been able to record their flight while they were foraging inside.

Building of the recording studio

Production D.D.A Contemporary Art (Constance Juliette Meffre)
Co-production M2F Créations / Lab Gamerz
Participation of DICRéAM (CNC)
Collaboration with beekeeper Dominique Hardouin and 250 bees
Design of the recording studio: Grégoire Lauvin
Assistant: Arthur Thomas
Many thanks to Luce Moreau and Paul Destieu
Pictures: Yoav Yaron, Constance Juliette Meffre, Luce Moreau, Arthur Thomas and Félix Blume

PRESS : Point Contemporain, Anonymal TV,

Opening on 22nd of June 2021 (Marseille)

The installation will be presented during Métaboles at the Ateliers Jeanne Barret from 22nd until 27th of June 2021.
Métaboles is an artistic event co-produced by 1979, Ateliers Jeanne Barret DDA Contemporary Art, M2F Créations|LabGAMERZ and OTTO-Prod.

first sketch of the installation