Chaudron Sonore (Sonic Cauldron)

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In Brittany region there is the strange tradition of “pulling the juncus”, which consists of vibrating a cauldron during the feast of St. John. It is also known as “sonnerie de bassin” (ringing basin), consisting of sliding wet hands along juncus placed on the edge of a copper cauldron, with a small amount of water. This action generates a surprising vibration, the kitchen utensil resonates, becoming a musical and sonic instrument. Most of these old cauldrons have been in the attic for a long time, so the project helps to perpetuate their sound use and invites us to listen to the secrets they may contain. 

This tradition is the starting point for a creative and reflective project on the role of sound in the contemporary world. The sense of listening of children was heightened and they were introduced to audio recording. With the intervention of Maurice Langlois, we discovered the uses and handling of the cauldrons, and each group presented their interpretation of the sound cauldrons at the closing concert of the project. 

The sound installation and video on six screens allows us to immerse ourselves in the captivating sound of the sound cauldrons, which the children made vibrate. An invitation to listen to the world around us and its reverberations.

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Project realized in Rohan (Brittany) during may-june 2023 along with the children of the École Publique de la Ville Moisan, grades CM1-CM2 and  students of the Yves Le Bec College of 6th grade CHAM, 5th grade CHAM and 6th group C : Alexi, Alice, Alizea, Antoine, Ambre H., Ambre L., Ambre M., Anais, Anna, Arthur, Briac, Calvin, Camille, Célestine, Clarisse, Constance, Denislav, Doriane, Elliot, Enzo Ca., Enzo Cu., Ethan, Fanny, Faustine, Gabin, Gaspard, Heleane, Hugo Ca., Hugo Cu., Iwan, Johan, Johana, Jordan, Kyara, Laly, Leanne, Léona, Léontine, Lilou C., Lilou H., Lilwenn, Loan, Lou-Ann, Loucie, Louane, Marley, Mathis, Mélina, Méline, Nina M., Nina O., Noah, Noellie, Nolan, Nolann, Olwenn, Orwen, Raphaël, Sasha, Savannah, Shad, Sterenn, Swanny, Tim, Tycia, Yanis, Ylann, Ylona, Yohan, Yowann and Yvanna.

With teachers Amélie Launay and Charlotte Galasso.
Coordination Virginie Glory.
With the wise advice of Maurice Langlois.
School principal : Chrystelle Dorey-Zaradny.
Conservatory of Pontivy: Christophe Peilho, Guillaume Saint-Michel, Aurore Collet, Sylvia Bauge, Mariannick Bondmadiot, Maelan Bertevas.
Thanks to Electroni[k], Manon Decharles, Victorien Leman, Sara Lana, Marie Merceron, Ana Medina, Andres Blume, Marie-Christine Cabanas, Christelle Parmentier-Cassegrain and all the teachers from the school and college.

The Chaudron Sonore (Sound Cauldron) project is possible thanks to the Département du Morbihan (Domain de Kerguénec), the Conservatory of Pontivy, the college Yves le Bec, the Public School from Ville Moisan, the Commune of Rohan, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Bretagne (DRAC) and the Directorate of Departamental Services of the National Education of Morbihan.

Exhibitions: Domaine de Kerguéhennec (Fr, 2023), Longueur d’ondes (Fr, 2024), Les Rencontres Internationales Traverse (Toulouse, Fr, 2024),

Press: Dstudios Media (En), Radio Evasion (Fr),

Chaudron Sonore (Display 6 screens)

Video near the pond with 6th grade class group C from Collège Yves le Bec

Duo : Maurice Langlois and Félix Blume


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