Very short silent films full of sounds at Festival Belluard (28.6.2018 -> 7.7.2018)

Festival Belluard from 28.6.2018 to 7.7.2018
Very short silent films full of sounds

An empty can is pushed around by the wind In the Chilean desert. A donkey ambles through a field in the South of France. A man trudges through the snowy mountains of Bolivia. A train announcement echoes through a Swiss railroad station. Each of these videos has a commonality: Félix Blume and his microphone, doggedly capturing wild tracks that will later be used in the soundscapes of some film.
A sound engineer for over a decade, Félix Blume realized one day that while hunting for sounds, he also produces images that are often absurd, poetic, crazy of even funny. During the Belluard Festival, the artist creates a daily video within the town of Fribourg, letting us perceive the city with different eyes – or in this case, different ears.