Son Seul / Wildtrack for Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

English / Français / Deutsch

Very short silent films full of sounds
An empty can is pushed around by the wind In the Chilean desert. A donkey ambles through a field in the South of France. A man trudges through the snowy mountains of Bolivia. A train announcement echoes through a Swiss railroad station. Each of these videos has a commonality: Félix Blume and his microphone, doggedly capturing wild tracks that will later be used in the soundscapes of some film.
A sound engineer for over a decade, Félix Blume realized one day that while hunting for sounds, he also produces images that are often absurd, poetic, crazy of even funny. During the Belluard Festival, the artist creates a daily video within the town of Fribourg, letting us perceive the city with different eyes – or in this case, different ears.
In collaboration with Gionata Morganti.
Many thanks to: 
Nicola Marthaler, Jean Pythoud, Maxime Barras, Jean-Jacques (le jardinier), Stefania Boggian, TPF, Eric Repond, Beat Fasel, Fribourg Natation, José Yerly, Marie Romanos, Sara Lana, Bruno Schweisguth,
As the whole staff from the Belluard Festival

Festival Belluard Bollwerk International from 28.06.2018 to 07.07.2018 at Fribourg (Switzerland).

See the “Son Seul / Wildtrack” page for screenings and exhibition.

Pictures by Gionata Morganti, Sara Lana and Félix Blume