TIM / TOMATINA, video installation by Raul Ortega Ayala (Spain / USA)

Raul Ortega Tim Tomatina

14min – HDV – Color – quadraphonic (4.0)

Artist: Raul Ortega Alaya
Sound Editing and Mixing: Félix Blume
Foleys Recording: Sabrina Calmels

Tim Tomatina exploring issues of decadence, abundance and excess. This video consists of two large-scale opposing projections in which the visceral and carnivalesque behaviour of Tomatina festival-goers in Spain is paired with an American professional competitive eater as he consumes 40 hotdogs in less than 10 minutes. Ortega Ayala interprets these phenomena as involuntary metaphors of our times.

Presented at Stroom Den Haag (nl)