ERIKA’S DESTINY, documentary by Amandine Poirson (Puebla, Mexico / Arizona, USA)

52min – HDV – Color
Director: Amandine Poirson
Production: Abacaris Films / France Télévision
Sound Recording: Félix Blume
Sound editing, Mixing: Florian Namias
Broadcast: France 5

I go looking for Erika´s traces. She is a Mexican woman I met a few years ago and who disappeared in August 2007 crossing the U.S.A. border. She was 22 years old. She had two children and had left his village in central Mexico to meet her husband, a clandestine worker in Chicago. I had not seen her since I had recorded for a documentary. From the Arizona desert to the suburbs of Chicago, with family and women of her village at the foot of the volcano of the sleeping woman. What remains of Erika?