Lost Sounds

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Between March and May 2023, pupils from Les Ardoisières school went out looking for living sounds. From 3 to 11 years, children gave special and careful attention to the soundscape of their village. They listened, isolated and recorded the sounds to appreciate their singularity and to create an interactive listening device, a genuine sound inventory from Sainte-Marie (Bretagne, France).

Félix Blume was invited to complete a residence within the village, in order to re-discover the landscape through the senses and the sound medium. He also involved children, teaching staff and local associations in the task. Together, during the residence they spend time listening to the beings around us, and they invite the inhabitants and visitors of Sainte-Marie to do the same.

Lost Sounds is a sound, digital and interactive piece that enables one to discover historic and natural places of the village while listening to their stories and sounds (lost or found). This work led to the creation of a sound cartography.


This project was realized with children from Les Ardoisières school: Aaron, Adèle, Aden, Aliya, Amjad, Anaïs, Arthur, Axel G., Axel P., Basil, Camille, Capucine, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Clara, Clémence, Colombe, Coraline, Djaydon, Djino, Djud, Elena, Elyana, Elyaz, Elyna, Emilie, Emma, Enzo, Ethan, Evan, Evann, Ewen, Faustine, Gabin, Gabrielle, Garance, Giulia, Inaya, Inès N., Inès P., Jeanne, Johane, Jules, Kéliah, Kélyan, Laëlian, Leïli, Léïna, Lenny, Léo, Léon, Léonie, Léonis, Liam, Lilwen, Lise, Lison, Livia M., Livia R., Liyannah, Loa, Lola C., Lola V., Loreleï, Lou, Louane, Louis, Louisa, Louise, Lucie, Lyam, Maëly, Maëlisse, Maïwen, Mathéo, Mathilde, Marion, Martin, Martin L., Maurane, Maya, Mila, Milan, Milann, Milla, Naël, Nathaël, Nina, Noah, Noam C., Noam F., Noam J., Noé, Nolan, Nolwenn, Pablo B., Pablo D., Pedro, Paul, Raphael, Raphaëlle, Romille, Rosalya, Seydou, Tayron, Thelma, Théo, Thiago, Timy, Tom, Tybho, Victor, Wissem, Wyllan, Yael, Zia, Zoé, Zoélie,
principal and teacher Naomi Cros,
teachers Chantal Mayeux, Céline Panay, Clotilde Epie, Nicolas Valegeas, Sébastien Lefebvre, Sandrine Le Campion and Léa Réthoré in social service, Karine Morice and Christelle Blanchard Atsem.

Coordination and support : Manon Decharles and Carla Savi (Electroni[k])
Cartography : Sara Lana
Wood design : Damien Corbel
Thanks to Jeannot, Alain Fusellier, Marcel Henri, Colette Andouard, Éloïse Ballon, Perrine Kerambrun, Marie-Christine Cabanas, Ana Medina and all the people we met during the project.

This project was realized thanks to Association Electroni[k] and École Les Ardoisières, with support from Ministère de la Culture (DRAC Bretagne), Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, Association des Parents d’élèves, Association Sportive Scolaire de l’école Les Ardoisières, the village of Sainte Marie (35) and a group of collaborators from La Trousse à projet. This was also achieved in partnership with EHPAD de Sainte-Marie, l’association du four du Patis David, Mr. Marcel Henri, Canopé workshop and Armada Productions association.
Project realized between March and April 2023.

Exhibitions : Festival Maintenant (Fr),
 Exposition au Festival Maintenant (2023, Fr)

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