NOCHE BUENA, video & sound installation by Julien Devaux (Mexico)

Noche Buena Julien Devaux
Link to the full video

25 min – HD – color – sound 4.1
Artist: Julien Devaux
Visual Effects: Jorge Romo
Sound recording, editing, mixing: Félix Blume

Through the night where only the sounds of crickets can be heard; drumming arise recalling the pre-Columbian past. Suddenly the bells ring as in response to a threat emerged from the past. It is the clash of eras and beliefs. Then fireworks light up the night and the party turns into battlefield. The explosions show up the mountain ridges that surround the village. Calm returns, crickets resume their singing and mingle with a bolero song that comes from the church bell. Then workers dig the earth with shovels possibly to bury the dead? …
Julien Devaux

at Laboratorio Arte Alameda (2015)