LISTENING SESSION during FIDOCS documentary festival (Santiago de Chile)

Sight is the showgirl of the senses. It gives us a perfect, complete and verifiable idea of the world, so much so, that we usually trust what our eyes perceive much more than what we sense with our ears. This is a film festival, a documentary film festival. This means that “seeing” is the key and fundamental word bringing us together. But this time, we want to invite you to “listen.” Félix Blume has participated as a sound tech in over 20 documentaries, some of them by important directors, such as Mariana Otero, a guest at fidocs 2013, and some, the recipient of copious awards, such as Waiting for August (winner at Visions du Réel 2014). But,Blume not only contributes with his expert “boom” to give “ears” to these documentaries. In every place he visits, he captures hundreds of sounds. And, he has created what is known as radio-documentaries. Radio-documentaries have a long tradition in Europe. They are documentaries, but you don’t watch them; you listen to them. And, how their name reveals, you hear them over the radio – not at the movie theater. But, at the festival, we are going to listen to radio-documentaries, and we will do so at a movie hall, in complete darkness. They say the loss of one sense tends to sharpen the others, that a blind person has a deeper sensibility to touch, they can smell more and hear better. Without our sight, we will be more vulnerable, but – what a contradiction – we will feel much more intensely

tren pasando por bagdad (1’30)
carta postal de venezuela gran sabana – fiebre del oro y las peleas de gallos (9’13’’)
carta postal de argentina tierra del fuego – la oveja del fin del mundo (4’25’’)
carta postal de mali las vacas y el pueblo fulani – canciones y sonidos de malí (7’28 ‘’)
los gritos de mexico (17’)