Sonic Memory Game

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This game is a sonic adaptation of the popular memory game, which is commonly known with images. Each cube plays a sound when it is turned upside-down. One sound is present in 2 different cubes, and the aim of the game is to find the identical pairs.
The sounds in the cubes were recorded during a sound workshop with children from a school in Arles. In the same way, the game has been built collectively during an electronics workshop.

With Adama, Emma, Jade, June, Khadija, Layana, Lucie, Marwa, Matheo, Noah, Nassim, Rodaina, Thiago, Zakaria and Zoubida.
A project by Sara Lana and Félix Blume
In collaboration with Arthur Thomas, Élisabeth Pouliquen and the teacher Aurélie Pelletant.
This project has been possible thanks to Musée Réattu, the city of Arles (France), Phonurgia Nova and the school Mouleyres.
Pictures by Sara Lana, Arthur Thomas and Félix Blume.
Many thanks to Daniel Rouvier, Andy Neyrotti, Marc Jacquin, Fanny Lannoy and the FabLab from Grand Narbonne.