Jouk Li Jou


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A whirlwind of people and dust, in Port-au-Prince, nothing is ever quiet. Every day, 2 million inhabitants vie for space along invisible footpaths, left to their own devices to obliterate all trace of the earthquake of 12 January 2010. Jouk Li Jou is a sound fresco of the Haitian capital, through the songs of those who, from one dawn to the next, seek to soothe the torments of the Earth that rumbles or, on the contrary, to outyell it.

A sound piece proposed by Le Bruit et la fureur ASBL, produced by ARTE Radio with the support of FACR, de l’ACSR, de Wallonie-Bruxelles International et de la FOKAL. This creation goes with the sound documentary by Caroline Berliner “Jusqu’à ce qu’il fasse jour” (52 min) dedicated to three artists from Port-au-Prince during theatre festival Quatre Chemins.

Arte Radio

A sound piece by: Caroline Berliner & Félix Blume
Mix : Samuel Hirsch
Recordings :
novembre 2014
Release date: 2015

Broadcast and listening sessions: Maison de la Poésie (Fr), Centre Culturel Jacques Franck (Be), Radio Grenouille (Fr), Festival Sonor & Jet FM (Fr), Weekend du Doc @Argos (Be), Festival Quatre Chemins (Ht), Festival Longueur d’Ondes (Fr), Canal Sud (Fr), Les Siestes Électroniques (Fr), Music Map Global (Es), RTBF Par Ouïe Dire (Be), Radiola (Be), Université de Fribourg (Ch), 

Nominated at Phonurgia Nova Awards (2016)