Jack the pump

Campo Abierto 2
English | Español

Sound piece (5min) based on recordings of oils pumps in Taft, California in 2014.

Microphones MS Schoeps CCM41+CCM8 with windshield Cinela Zephyx, contact microphone Aquarian H2aXLR, recorder Sound Devices 788T.

Listen to the piece on Campo Abierto 
 (in French) about the piece on Radio Station Essence

A sound piece by Félix Blume
Tape released with Barbara Lazara on the Mexican Label Campo Abierto
Design: Ana Noble
Booklet: Alejandro Tux
Pictures: Michelle Burgos
Release date: 2015

Broadcast: Campo Abierto (Mx), Sonospace (Uk), Radio Station Essence (Fr), Wild Sonico Radio (De), Les Siestes Électroniques (Fr)
Live: Duos en cinta con Barbara Lazara (Mx)