Jack the pump

Campo Abierto 2
English | Español | Français

Sound piece (5min) based on recordings of oils pumps in Taft, California in 2014.

Microphones MS Schoeps CCM41+CCM8 with windshield Cinela Zephyx, contact microphone Aquarian H2aXLR, recorder Sound Devices 788T.

Listen to the piece on Campo Abierto 
 (in French) about the piece on Radio Station Essence

Tape released with Barbara Lazara on the Mexican Label Campo Abierto
Design: Ana Noble
Booklet: Alejandro Tux
Pictures: Michelle Burgos
Release date: 2015

Broadcast: Campo Abierto (Mx), Sonospace (Uk), Radio Station Essence (Fr), Wild Sonico Radio (De), Les Siestes Électroniques (Fr), La Troisième Porte à Gauche (Fr),
Live: Duos en cinta con Barbara Lazara (Mx)