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Lecheria is a northern district of Mexico City.
Freight trains from the South of the country arrive there, those from North leave from there.
It’s a mandatory stage for migrant who use trains to get them into the United States.
More than a mere transit point, it’s a space based on travel.
Travel as a way of life, with no arrival point, and no starting point.
Along the railway line, we imagine the future, we invent a past.
The train passes, bringing hope.
We run alongside, and take one leap to embark.
Traveling friend, it becomes animal, calling you, roaring and threatening, feeding on human flesh…
The one-way becomes a return, the traveller becomes still.
Deep inside, the name of places, crossed or dreamt, still resonate.

With the voices of: Miguel (Oaxaca, Mexico), Oliver (Honduras), Pedro & Brian (Salvador), Carlos (Honduras), Roberto (Guatemala) & Rodrigo (Chiapas, Mexico).
Recordings done in Lecheria, Mexico City, August-September 2016.
Many thanks to Gabriel Lecup, Floriane Pochon, Clément Baudet, Andrea Díaz Mattei and Sara Lana.
Fuga was realized on an invitation by Phaune Radio for the Phaune Box#1.

Release date: 2016
Broadcast and listening sessions: Phaune Radio (Fr), Bivouac Radiophonique (Fr), Radio Grenouille (Fr), Écoutille Péniche Adélaïde (Fr), Festival Doc en Mai (Fr), Jeudi de l’écoute à Arles (Fr), Utopie Sonore (Fr), Festival Résonance Montréal (Ca), Apéro Sonore Le Bruitagène à Nantes (Fr), Radio Mentale (Fr), Semaine du Son Bordeaux (Fr), Festival Sans Frontières (Fr), Roches Blanches à Douarnenez (Fr), Invisible Radio Creature #2 by Anna Raimondo (It), À la croisée des chemins à Montréal (Ca), Oir es ver (Co), Rien à voir ! (Fr), Alliance Française Quito (Ec), Son Mire (Fr), Red Ecología Acústica México (Mx), Radio Escada (Br), Centre Pompidou (Fr), Festival Dulcinée (Fr), Radio Vassivière (Fr), RIDM (Ca), Radiophonie (Fr), Zumzeig (Es), Institutul Francez Bucurusti (Ro), Médiathèque d’Albi (Fr), 

Nominated at Phonurgia Nova Awards (2017)
Selected by Ars Acustica from UER
Collection of CNAP (National Center for Plastic Arts) in France

Exhibitions: Galería Espai 10 (Es, 2017), Mexican Cultural Institute of New York (USA, 2018), Musée Réattu (Fr, 2021), Sonic Protest (Paris, Fr, 2023), La Panera (Lleida, Es, 2023), Centre photographique Marseille (Fr, 2023),

Press: Télérama | En attendant le train de l’espoir, au Mexique (Fr), Télérama | Phaune box, un étrange objet sonore pour auditeurs curieux (Fr)

Text by Andrea Díaz Mattei about Fuga (Es)