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ESCUCHATORIO is a space for listening as a political act.

The collective appears in 2015, a year after the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, a small village in southwestern Mexico. Under the theme “protest” we proposed a 43 hours radio broadcasting and listening of sounds from all over the world, collected through an open call: shouts, demonstrations, poems, texts, reflections, radio programs, soundpieces, songs or compositions…
We received 438 sounds, which we broadcasted trough 36 collaborators (radio FM, listening sessions in physical spaces, web radio, websites) from different parts of the world.
There are thousands of people shouting, who is listening to them? 
Could listening become an act of resistance?

Escuchatorio works as an independent online platform, and since then we have repeated the experience with other themes under the same principle : an open call for sounds with a specific date of broadcast on and all the collaborators. All participants simultaneously become the sound source (through their sound), listeners and broadcasters of Escuchatorio, they fully take part of this listeners’ community. 

  • 2015 Escuchatorio Protesta with a 43hours radio broadcasting of sounds of protest.
  • 2016 Escuchatorio Camina dedicated to the act of walking, as a possible act of resistance.
  • 2017 Escuchatorio Silencio: Silence as an action, a possible protest, reflection or quest.

    As a collaborative project, Escuchatorio is open to ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and transformations.

Text by Susana Jiménez Carmona (Universidad de Barcelona)
“Silences and policies in the shared listening: Ultra-red and Escuchatorio”

Text by Kaja Negra “La escucha, un acto de resistencia” (México)

Collaborators: (Ciudad de México, Mx), (Fr), grafofonia.blogspot (Ciudad de México, Mx), (Ciudad de México, Mx), (Es), (Marseille, Fr), (Chicago, USA), (Ciudad de México, Mx), (Ciudad de México, Mx), nofm (Ciudad de México, Mx), p-node (Fr), Radio Huayacocotla (Veracruz, Mx), Kchung (Los Ángeles, USA), Radio Ambulante (San Francisco, USA), FLUXO (São Paulo, Br), Andromeda-tv (Jp), (Zaragoza, Es), Pájaros en el alambre (Oaxaca, Mx), Carbonproyecto (Ar), Intonarumori (Murcia, Es), WebSYNradio (Fr), Le Bruitagène (Fr), Oaxaca 3.0 (Oaxaca, Mx), Canal Sud (Toulouse, Fr), Radio Libre (Co), Radio Campus Bruxelles (Br), Radio Galère (Fr), Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3 FM (Paris, Fr), Teslaradio (Málaga, Es), Radio ARA (Lu), Self noise project (Es), Radio Paax (Mx), Radio Grenouille (Marseille, Fr), Radio UNAM (Ciudad de México, Mx), El RUIDO es el Mensaje (Ar), Radio Tlayuda (Mx), Sonic Protest (Paris, Fr)

Press & links
Spanish: Surplus Ediciones, Grafofonia, Hiroshimamx, En esta ruta, Resistencia Modulada, Medialetipos, Marchando con Letras, Netlabels & News, NO FM, Carbon Proyecto, El Arte Resiste, La Escucha Atenta, LLEOM,  
French: Rue 89, Arte TV, Paris Luttes Info, IAATA, Le Bruitagène, Websyn Radio 
English:  Latino Rebel

43 minutes, as a trace of the 43hours broadcasted in 2015 during Escuchatorio #Protest