Listeners at ACA Soundscape Field Station

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Listeners is a sonic cartography of Canaveral National Seashore through its inhabitants. Rangers, neighbors and visitors are invited to share a listening experience of their favorite place in the park. They are filmed while listening, inviting the audience to listen with them. 

During November and December, the map will grow with listeners.
If you’re interested in participating, please contact ACA Community Programs department

This project is hosted by the ACA Soundscape Field Station at Canaveral National Seashore in November and December 2021 by French field-recorder Félix Blume.



Artist in Residence from 26th of November until 26th of December

December 9, 2021
Artist Talk at 7 PM
ACA Harris House, 214 S. Riverside Drive, NSB

December 11, 2021
Soundwalk at 11 AM
Canaveral National Seashore Apollo Beach, meet at Eldora State House
Rain or Shine