Artist in Residence at Titanik Gallery (Finland)

Titanik Gallery | Artist-in-Residence: Félix Blume | 3.‒24.4.2019

Félix Blume’s project for Titanik Residency rose from an unexpected casual discovery putting together 2 walkie-talkies and a set of microphones: they generate a kind of electromagnetic field interfering with the microphones, an unexpected sound.

From this phenomenon as a starting point, he will experiment the way of performing (inside or in the public space) with this sonic tools.

Félix Blume will de-functionalize this communication system, to use it as an aesthetic and sonic instrument. He will approach it empirically: exploring radio transmission, rejecting the concept of “message vs noise”, considering any chirp and bleep as a possible material. He will take this device as an object of study asking what kind of sound can he collect, produce, generate. Félix will also analyse the radio-transmission-soundscape of the area of the residency (and their possible users as taxi, security and truck drivers) to integrate it to the work.

As in a laboratory, he will be experimenting, open to accidents and surprises.

Link to the first “test” of this project (that will be updated during the residency):