Tierra del Fuego (Land of fire)

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Land of fire – The sheep from the end of the world
In the land of fire, at the south-end of America. Plain and forest everywhere. Some farms where thousand of sheep are raised for their wool. Every year, during the mowing, the shepherd goes through the fields to push the sheep to the central farm. On horses, walking with their dogs, they’re going on an invisible line, identifying the yelling from the others. In the barn, the motors and the gears move the blades to mow the sheep.

Arte Radio http://www.arteradio.com/son/616152/terre_de_feu/

Directed and recorded by Félix Blume
Mix by Charlie Marcelet
Sounds recorded during the shooting of EL PUESTO by Aurélien Lévêque.
Release date: 2012

Broadcasts and listening sessions: Radio Grenouille, selected by Etienne Noiseau (Fr), Radio Campus Paris – Récréation Sonore (Fr), Phaune Radio (Fr), Kunstradio (Au), Nuit de la radio de Ganges (Fr), Radio Scarpe Sensée (Fr), Festival Cine Documental FIDOCS (Cl), Festival Radiobiograf (Dk),  Rien à voir ! (Fr), Festival Alimenterre (Be), ORF Musicprotokoll (Au), Jardin Botanique de Tallinn (Et), Radio Campus Bruxelles (Be), Théâtre de Narbonne (Fr), CGR Carcassonne Le Colisée (Fr),