TEMPO DA RECOLLEITA, documentary by Félix Blume (Galicia, Spain)

EnglishFrançais / Galego / Español

In Galicia, a few young men are looking for their roots. Each weekend, they meet their “living memory”: old women from little villages. They’re going with their tape-recorder and their small video camera to find any unknowns songs. Some hours later, after a long discussion, the old women begin to rely on the young men and they look for the old songs of their childhood.
Finally, they own a personal and precious sound library at home. They use it sometimes to reproduce or to mix it with some modern music!
Anyway, tradition is still living, and going through generations… Song is still living!

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Watch the whole movie in Original Version (Galician) here
Watch the whole movie with French Subtitles here 

Credits & Technical Specifications:
32min – DVCproHD – Color
Director: Félix Blume
Production: INSAS – Atelier de réalisation
Executive Producer: Benjamin Minot
Sound Recording: Florian Namias
Editing: Diana Dolce
Mixing: Vincent Poujol
DOP: Adrien Lecouturier
Script Supervisor: Linda Ibarri
With: Miro Regueira Castañon, Xurxo Fernandes, IALMA (Marisol  Palomo, Verónica Codesal, Natalia Codesal, Magali Menendez, Nuria  Aldao), Rosa Garrido Casqueiro, Maria Aida Garrido Casqueiro, Os Vecinos de Limiñoa (Matilde Castro Garcia, Jaime Vila, Concepción Varela, Ermilinda Varela, Casilda Ohurense, Benigno Velda Doldan, Manuel Mato, Carmen Daurado, Manuel Castiñeira, Serafina Veijo, Ramona Garcia), José Rama, Fina Martinez and Carmen Castineira Lage, Maria Reguera Varela, Rosa Outerelo Vidal, Omar Penoucos Yanes, Miguel Souto, Yvonne Gonzalez Garrido, Carolina Barral Ventin, Sonia Reborido, Mayka Barcia Blanco…

FIFF (Namur), Les écrans documentaires (Arcueil), MEDIA 1010 (Namur), FIDEC (Huy), Festival de Ourense (Espagne), Film Festival d’Amiens, Oh ce court ! – prix (Cadouin), Songe d’une nuit en DV (Paris), Festival de Vannes, Festival du rayon vert – prix du jury (Bruxelles), Festival Interceltique (Bretagne), Festival « entre tradition et modernité » (Marseille), Festival « Peuples et musique au cinéma» (Toulouse), Festival Curtopia – Mostra Documental Arbalovento (Galice), Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Bretagne),



DOWNLOAD LINKS: You can download the whole film for screening on the following links.
French Version in H624 (4Gb file)
French Version Original Recording Settings (15Gb file)
Galician Version in H264 (4Gb file)
Galician Version Original Recording Settings (15Gb file)
French Version Teaser (Bande Annonce) Original Recording Settings (2Gb)