23rd of April : Studio Visit at Titanik Gallery

Titanik A.i.R. Open Studio: Félix Blume | Tuesday 23 April 2-6pm

Come and meet Titanik’s current artist-in-residence Félix Blume (FR) during an open studio day on Tuesday 23 April. Blume presents the project he has been working on during his residency at Titanik, as well as two previous projects, occupying the whole gallery space with three video installations focusing on sound and listening.

Impossible Dialogue is a project using walkie-talkies. In the piece the communication system is de-contextualized, as it’s used as an aesthetic instrument to generate sounds instead of communication. If the dialogue seems impossible, content and noise merge together, generating electromagnetic resonances and interferences in the microphones, leading to a common sonority, from harmony to noise. Acting towards the busy street and riverbank by Titanik’s large windows, the artist creates a shift between looking and listening, between public and private space, and invites the pedestrian to listen to the electromagnetic phenomenon.

The two other installations at the space are Rumors from the sea (2018), a sound installation played by the waves in Thailand, and Son Seul Wildtrack, which is an ongoing video series Blume has been working on since 2012.
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