23rd February : SHORT FILM – NUR TON at Festival SonOhr (Bern, Switzerland)

As sound engineer for over a decade, Félix Blume collects sounds all over the world for his own archives and for film projects. One day he realized, that the hunt for sounds produces images that are often absurd, poetic and funny, so he started to collect not only the sounds but also the images. His short films show the caring and careful work of the archivist and offer an unusual perspective on the collected sound: We hear the rustling sound of an empty can and see a man strangely chasing that can with his microphone boom in the Chilean desert. We see that boom used as a fishing pole on a quay in Turkey and hear the sound in the perspective of the bait.
Félix Blume presents his short films and talks about his work as a sound archivist.
23rd of February 16:30 – Kino REX 2

Join us for a sound walk with sound archivist Félix Blume. Together we sharpen our sense of hearing and listen to the city. Through different listening exercises we focus on that surrounds us, that we try to blend out and forget, the tiny sounds that get lost in our daily lives. For an instant we blur the line between sound, music and noise and perceive our surroundings as a symphony. Thus, an allegedly well-known world can be experienced anew.
SoundWalk – 23rd of February 13:50 – Museum für Kommunikation

SonOhr Festival