With each passing minute, a piece of rice paper falls to the ground. The minimal act of this installation produces a soft sound, a poetic image of a whisper listening, the frontier between silence and sound. From his engineering background, Félix Blume explores decibelium concept, an imprecise measure unit expressing the intensity level of a sound. The paper sheets accumulation in the exhibit space materializes the passage of time and the memory of their contact with the ground.

Exhibition:  Espacio Can Manyé (Spain) from the 9th of junte until 3rd of july 2017, Sala Del Trinitaris Vilafranca (Spain) from 22nd of septembre until 29th of october 2017, ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies from 26th of January to 31th of March 2018 (Spain), Arts Santa Mònica from May to July 2018 (Spain),

Curator: Jordi Tolosa
Machine design: Fernando Lomelí Bravo
Thanks to: Cecilia Sanchez Nava, Sara Lana, Ana Cecilia Medina