Realidad Amplificada


Félix Blume is a sonorities engineer and researcher. Jérôme Fino is a video-artist whose work relies on sound.
Their common centre of interest converges naturally in making visible what we hear and hearing what we see. One of them films in Marseilles and the other one in Mexico City. Thanks to the fast archive manipulation that digital tools allow nowadays (sound recorders, cameras and computers), Félix Blume and Jérôme Fino decided to try sharing their real-time experimentations in Mexico City public spaces.

Made from samples to obtain a Lo-fi result, close and distant recordings, micro-sensors, high quality microphones, yogurt bottles with a ribbon, speakers fixed on walls: these materials make possible to record and re-amplify reality crumbs.

Exhibitions: Casa de Francia (Mx, 2016), Photophore (Fr, 2017),
This project is the continuity of “Écoutes Pirates” done in Paris in 2015

Text by Michel Blancsubé about “Amplified Reality” : EspañolFrançais

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MIENTRAS ESCUCHO (photography serie):

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