À l’Écoute de Presque Rien

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À l’Écoute de Presque Rien (Listening to Almost Nothing)
Thirty portraits of people listening to the same sounds, from the archives of Luc Ferrari.
Each one in their own way, the listeners describe what they have just heard, in their language, with their own words, using comparisons, metaphors and their imagination.
An invitation to listen to the sounds of Luc Ferrari, a sound journey through time and space.

Done for the Prize Presque Rien 2019
Mention “Débat et Controverses”
Video, 7min37s, stereo
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With: Theresa, Magdalena, Anna, Joseph, Sayaka, Thierry, Matthieu, Sara, Marcelo, Patricia B, Luis, Chloé, Patricia T, Ana, Adriana, Fernando, Mirna, Eric, Carlos, Cinthya, Oscar, Pierre, Simone, Alex, Flaviana, Aloizio, Carla, Anelena, Keila, Gabriela, Nora, Andres and Claudia.

Recorded in Austria, France, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile.
Many thanks to everyone which have been listening with me.