POLYPHAUNE #11, DONKEY SHOT, Radio Collage by Félix Blume

As an expert in jumping off the cock to the jackass, Phaune Radio invites Félix Blume, sound seeker and sense finder, to ruffle, a bit, the most restive long-eared quadruped.
“Donkey Shot”, or the art of slowing the pace to overstep the line : stubborn melodies and heady tunes, trottonomous landscapes, little red riding hooves, chatterboxes and donkeypal, for a long-term journey with the sweetest thinky stinky plinky-plonky donkey.

With real pieces of : Les animaux de la ferme de Maurice, Peret & El Gran Silencio, Au Hasard Balthazar – Bresson, Baba l’âne – Shrek, Radio Romantica, Bernard Giraudeau – Les contes de Humahuaca, Tro-Tro, F. Schubert, Peau d’âne – Jacques Demy, Nasreddin Hodja et Ali, Harry Belafonte, Burro Chon el candidato para Ciudad Juarez, Jamel Debbouze & Cannabis, Jason Stevenson, Don Burro Candidato, Sugar Chile Robinson, José Fajardo… and sounds recorded by Felix Blume in Mali, Venezuela, Belgium, France, Mexique….
Broadcast: Phaune Radio (Fr), CCD Radio (Mx), CHOQ Radio (Ca),
Prize SCAM “Prix Découverte” for the Polyphaune Serie

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