ON ALLAIT AU BORD DE LA MER… , documentary by Aurélien Lévêque (France)

52min – HD EX3 Sony – Color
Director: Aurélien Lévêque
Production: Scotto Productions / France 3
Sound Recording: Yolande Decarsin, Félix Blume
Sound Editing: Marjorie Cauwel, Félix Blume
DOP: Colin Lévêque, Julien Lambert
Editing: Marjorie Cauwel
Broadcast: France 3

During a week, a group of old people go on holidays at the Gironde estuary. This trip is an opportunity – sometimes unique – to go, and enjoy a few days of sun, of cheerfulnes and airiness. During the walks on the seaside, they meet each other, laugh and sometimes they talk : some of them tell their stories, others keep their distance or hide themselves. Between two dances, they go closer to the eachother, the personality comes up, and we can slowly see a group, a reflection of our society, of a generation.