Memoria del hierro

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Memoria del hierro (Iron memory) is a sound sculpture based on sound recordings captured during energy reform protests in Mexico City in 2013. By hitting the metalic police barricades that protected the Senate building, protesters created a sonority that was representative of disapproval. Beyond the sonic documentation of the action, this work explores a material dimension of listening. Rusty iron remembers the traces of hitting. The material itself vibrates with transducers that make the barricade resonate, so it becomes a sort of expanded speaker. The sculpture is a visual and aural invitation to immerse ourselves into the memories inscribed on the iron.

Iron sculpture (3,50m x 3,10m x 1,10m), sound exciters, amplifiers, audio player and field recordings.

Exhibitions: CTM (De, 2017), Ex Teresa (Mx, 2018), MMAC Cuernavaca (Mx, 2018-2019), UAM Xochimilco (Mx, Permanent Installation since 2020), Fronteres linia de tall, Museu de l’Emporda (Es, 2021-2022), Museu de Llívia (Es, 2024),

Press: Jeronimo (Es), (Ger), Berliner Zeitung (Ger), UAM Xochimilco TV (Esp),

Curated by Carlos Prieto
In collaboration with Taller Pico de Gallo: Ricardo Ángeles Reyes, José Ariel Iraolagoitía Romero, Carlos Delgadillo Miranda and Fernando Ben Israel Acuña Ramos.
Memoria del hierro II in collaboration with Andres Blume
Collection of UAM Xochimilco (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)
Donation Management to UAM: Patricia Tovar
Thanks to: Andres Blume, Sara Lana, Gabriel Lecup, Adriana Santiago and Ana Cecilia Medina.

The first version of this sound sculpture was made in 2017.