Memoria del hierro

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Memoria del hierro (Iron memory) is a sound sculpture based on sound recordings captured during energy reform protests in Mexico City in 2013. By hitting the metalic police barricades that protected the Senate building, protesters created a sonority that was representative of disapproval. Beyond the sonic documentation of the action, this work explores a material dimension of listening. Rusty iron remembers the traces of hitting. The material itself vibrates with transducers that make the barricade resonate, so it becomes a sort of expanded speaker. The sculpture is a visual and aural invitation to immerse ourselves into the memories inscribed on the iron.

Iron sculpture (3,50m x 3,10m x 1,10m), sound exciters, amplifiers, audio player and field recordings.

Exhibitions: CTM (De, 2017), Ex Teresa (Mx, 2018), MMAC Cuernavaca (Mx, 2018-2019), UAM Xochimilco (Mx, Permanent Installation since 2020), Fronteres linia de tall, Museu de l’Emporda (Es, 2021-2022),

Press: Jeronimo (Es), (Ger), Berliner Zeitung (Ger), UAM Xochimilco TV (Esp),

Curated by Carlos Prieto
In collaboration with Taller Pico de Gallo: Ricardo Ángeles Reyes, José Ariel Iraolagoitía Romero, Carlos Delgadillo Miranda and Fernando Ben Israel Acuña Ramos.
Memoria del hierro II in collaboration with Andres Blume
Donation Management to UAM: Patricia Tovar
Thanks to: Andres Blume, Sara Lana, Gabriel Lecup, Adriana Santiago and Ana Cecilia Medina.

The first version of this sound sculpture was made in 2017.