MÉMOIRES D’ARCHIVES, Sound piece with archival footage by Ivan Boccara (Morocco / France)

8min – installation, sound peice, video projection
Artist: Ivan Boccara
Sound Editing and Mixing: Félix Blume
Editing: Benjamin Minot
Installation done for the show “Strange and close”
by CAPC, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux.

Image and sound co-habit, following two perpendicular movements, one is visual and frontal while the other is sonorous and horizontal.

SOUND 2011
Archives municipales de Bordeaux (Municipal Archives of Bordeaux).
Archives départementales de la Gironde (Departmental Archives of La Gironde).
La Mémoire de Bordeaux, de la communauté urbaine et de ses communes (The Memory of Bordeaux). Voices: Emilie Caubarus, Léa Souchard, Sonia Moumen, Anne Chimits, Cyril Olivier, Ivan Boccara and the researchers, archivists, and employees of the Municipal Archives of Bordeaux and the Departmental Archives of La Gironde.
Sound actor: Cyril Olivier
Music: Excerpt from “Syrinx”, Flute solo from a work composed by Claude Debussy in 1913 and performed by Georges Cuer.

IMAGE 1971-72
Middle Atlas, Maroc
When my parents arrived in 1971 in a village in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains and they began to film, the Jews who lived there thought my parents were missionaries from the Jewish organization and walked up to the camera to ask them, “But who are you? Us, we don’t want to leave for Israel.”
My parents filmed them regularly over two years, compiling approximately one hour of 16 mm images without sound. These three segments placed together here correspond to their first images, an incomplete film about the last seven Jewish families in the village of Ntifa, just before they left for cities in Morocco, for Israel, for France…