Cows and the Fula People

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Cows and the Fula People – Songs and sounds from Mali
A sonic postcard from Mali, Africa, where the Fula people herd and worship their cattle. When the rainy season comes, the young Fula people from Mali leave for transhumance during six months with most of the herd. Cows cross the river Niger through the West. In the village, women work to feed their families, while men look after a couple of dairy cows. Fula people live simultaneously with their animals. It accompanies his everyday life with songs and prayers. The legend tells God first created the cow and then Fula people to go along with the animal and to protect him..

Arte Radio

A sound piece by Félix Blume
Mix by Samuel Hirsch
Sounds recorded during the shooting of LA VOIE PEULE by Sylvain Vesco
Release date: 2013

Broadcast and listening sessions: Kunstradio (At), Festival Sonor (Fr), Nuit de la radio de Ganges (Fr), Phaune Radio (Fr), Jet Fm (Fr), Festival Cine Documental FIDOCS (Ch), Documenta 14 Radio curated by Saout Radio (De), Arte Radio fête ses 15ans (Fr), Semaine du Son Bordeaux 2018 (Fr), Radio RKB (Fr), Festival AlimenTerre (Be), Jardin Botanique de Tallinn (Ee), Théâtre de Narbonne (Fr), La Troisième Porte à Gauche (Fr), (Fr),