Impossible Dialogue

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Impossible Dialogue / Titanik Gallery (Turku, Finland) / April 2019
Impossible Dialogue
 is a project using walkie-talkies. In the piece the communication system is de-contextualized, as it’s used as an aesthetic instrument to generate sounds instead of communication. If the dialogue seems impossible, content and noise merge together, generating electromagnetic resonances and interferences in the microphones, leading to a common sonority, from harmony to noise. Acting towards the busy street and riverbank by Titanik’s large windows, the artist creates a shift between looking and listening, between public and private space, and invites the pedestrian to listen to the electromagnetic phenomenon.



Impossible Dialogue (test on 22nd of April) 

Impossible Dialogue (test on 21st of April)

Impossible Dialogue (test on 20th of April)   

Impossible Dialogue (test on 16th of April)

Impossible Dialogue (test on 12th of April)

Impossible Dialogue (test on 11th of April) 

Impossible Dialogue(test on 12th of April, with music)

Impossible Dialogue (test on 10th of April)