Horses Talk: Dii, Hai, O and other horse words

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Horses Talk. Dii, Hai, O and other horse words (7’19”,  August 2018) 
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In the small village of Benești, a few hours’ drive west of Bucharest, locals use horse-drawn carts to go to the fields. They return with freshly cut hay or  sand from the riverbed. Coachmen talk to their horses in order to indicate which directions to follow and the appropriate speed. “Dii” to move forward, “Hai” to go faster, “O” to stop.
I’ve invited myself with the  microphones on board for a ride. Communication runs through sounds and gestures, which in my lack of understanding Romanian language turn horse talk into universal language. Each in their own manner, man and animal, seem to understand each other. Voice speaks beyond words, inviting us to listen to timbre, rhythms and melodies that intertwine as they are spoken.

With the voices of Titel, Daniel, Ionel,
as well as Anamaria, Laurențiu, Mara, Maria, Octav, Simina and Zsolt.

Semi Silent

Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCE organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT to Conacul Otetelișanu, Vâlcea County, Romania in July 2018.
Release date: 2018

Broadcast & Listening sessions: Teatrul Apollo 111 (Ro), Immersion Sonore #3 Bricoles (Fr), Igloo (Cz), Selected by Ars Acustica from UER, Festival Ear You Are (Be), Semaine Écoute Critique présentée par Juliette Volcler (Fr), Son Mire (Fr), Phaune Radio (Fr), Radio Grenouille (Fr), Centre Pompidou (Fr), Festival Ultrasons (Fr), Sonic Narratives (Ro), Canal B (Fr), Théâtre de Narbonne (Fr), Médiathèque de Saint-Dolay (Fr), Zumzeig (Es), Institutul Francez Bucurusti (Ro), La Troisième Porte à Gauche (Fr), Médiathèque d’Albi (Fr), CGR Carcassonne Le Colisée (Fr), (Fr), Les Siestes Électroniques (Fr), The Sound of Anthropocene (De),
Exhibitions: Yiri Arts (Tw), Musée Réattu (Fr),

Winner of Semi Silent Awards 2019
Third prize at Grand Prix Nova 2019
Nominated at Phonurgia Prize 2019