Gran Sabana

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Gran Sabana – Gold fever and cock Fights
Birds, insects and gold fever: welcome to Gran Sabana. A vivid landscape betweeen savanah and the Amazonian forest in Venezuela, near the Brazilian border. Noisy animals and a few men, digging the earth for very little gold that they will later be spent on cock fights.

Arte Radio

A sound piece by Félix Blume
Mix by Arnaud Forest
Sounds recorded during the shooting of FIEBRES by Adrien Lecouturier
Release date: 2013

Broadcast and listening sessions: SoundProof on ABC Radio (At), Phaune Radio (Fr), Kunstradio (Au), Nuit de la radio à Ganges (Fr), Festival Cine Documental FIDOCS (Cl), Festival Radiobiograf (Dk), Radio Grenouille (Fr), Euphonia (Fr), Radio Parfaite / Festival Printemps des Arts (Mc), WebSynRadio (Fr), GMVL Lyon (Fr), Concert Morse (Fr), Théâtre de Narbonne (Fr), (Fr),