Freq Wave : Mid Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic trajectory follows the course of the Trade Winds and the vast transfer of nutrient rich aerosols, spanning from the Western Sahel and Niger Delta to the rainforests of South America and the Amazon Delta. The climatic patterns that regulate these respective ecosystems mark the limits of this trajectory and reflect the impact of anthropogenic drivers as, as climatic patterns change, so too do these regions transform. The artists within this group have been selected for their familiarity with the region, their interest in the trajectory’s themes, or their orientation towards particular oceanic sounds. This group features: Christina Kubisch, Stephen O’Malley, Thierry Charollais, Félix Blume, James Webb, Christine Ödlund, Tim Story, Christopher Chapin, Mike Harding, Schneider TM, Jacob Kirkegaard, and Kent Tankred.

Viewers are welcome to engage with their compositions through the included mixer.