Disco Pirata


The origin of this action-piece is the idea of sharing emblematic sounds of the city the same way pirate CDs are made and distributed in Mexico. The piece suggests a different way of listening to those daily sounds as they return to the street, where they were captured in the first place.
Texto by Tito Rivas

Disco Pirata is a journey of joy, it is the triumph of sound in its every day presence in and on the streets of Mexico City
All is known yet unknown
All is heard yet unheard
Disco Pirata enters the Mexican pirate market and hijacks its concept and idea
The cd offers an alternative listening of  all sorts of  sounds and voices of the city, revealing the hidden beauty of “common”
sonority that the ear perceives.It is a vibrant challenging on “the listening”, a reoccupation of  the urban sound map of Mexico City.
Text by Despina Panagiotopoulou

Exhibitions: Fonoteca Nacional (Mexico City, Mx, 2016), The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York (New york, USA, 2018),
Broadcast and listening sessions: EKPA University of Athens (Gr), 
In collaboration with:
Despina Panagiotopoulou and Diego Aguirre.