Polyphonic Chorus “Los Gritos de México”

English / Español
This work is based in the score transcription of Les Cris de Paris composed by Clément Janequin in the XVIth century after carefully listening to the singing of the Parisian street vendors. In this piece, Blume uses Janequin’s music intervening the texts, he replaced the lyrics with the contemporary Mexico City’s street vendors crying their wares, then a chorus interpreted it in a quadraphonic version. Visitors could turn on each voice by the turning of a knob under each speaker.
A text by: F. Tito Rivas

This was part of the exhibition Ambulant Polyphony (Polifonía Ambulante) presented at the Fonoteca Nacional de México in 2016.

Polyphonic Chorus (Coro Polifónico) – Length: 7:00 min
A Project by Félix Blume / Music by Clément Janequin

With the participation of: Dharma Wolff, Isaac Ramírez, Omar Cruz, Miguel Torres
Director of photography:Jérôme Fino
Sound recording:Pablo Jibran Flores Torres
Assistant: Adriana Santiago
Logistics:Mirna Castro
Fonoteca Nacional de México recording studio

Lidia Camacho, Benjamín Rocha, Tito Rivas, Paola Ascencio, Mirna Castro
Thanks to:
Elena Pardo, Erik Pérez, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Morris Manuel Trujillo, Paloma Oliveira, Roxana Bringas, Sofia García Osorio, Tania Aedo