CAMANCHACA, là où les corps crient. Video by Clio Simon (Chili)

14min – various formats – color
Director: Clio Simon
Editing: Isabelle Prim and Clio Simon
DOP: Eduardo Bunster, Sergio Nawuel Bravo
Sound Recording: Félix Blume
Music: Constantin Dubois Choulik
Sound Editing: Sébastien Cabour et Margot Priem
Mixing: Christian Cartier
Production: Le Fresnoy / Coproduction: DonQuijote Films

In the north of Chile, Cachamanca is the name we give to the mist, rising up from the Pacific, which stumblles against the hills facing it.
Cachamanca is not only something we watch, it penetrates from within, completely overcomes you. It’s the rule of the exterior. An exterior where there is no more recourse. In other words, History.

FESTIVALS & SCREENINGS: Festival Verde (Venezuela), Festival Curta Cinema (Brazil), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Ca), Cinéma le Méliès (Fr), Panorama 16 @ Solus Locus (Fr), Cinéma Le Silencio (Fr), Le Fresnoy (Fr)