BRUOCSELLA ! feature film by Ian Menoyot (Belgium)

50min – 4:3 – Color
Director: Ian Menoyot
Production: FOVEA
Sound Recording: Laszlo Umbreit, Ophélie Boully, Bruno Schweisguth, David Stampfli, Félix Blume
DOP: Ian Menoyot, Ryszard Karcz
Sound Editing, Mixing: Aurélien Lebourg
Editing: Ian Menoyot, Aurélia Balboni

A young woman walks through Brussels, looking for a flat, a job, in one word : a position. Jeanne knows the city well. They share the same kind of beauty : pale and upset, almost pretty against their own will. The façades hide behind curtains of rain and behind the windows there are old stories, that have left Jeanne out. Alone in the midst of the damp and persistent urban throb, she looks for her Northern star. The South doesn’t interest her. Jeanne needs to meet somebody, to find a shelter. The film seeks for an anchor with her, may it be moving, in this city which tries to find its shape, in spite of the hundreds of paths which meet and get lost in it.

FESTIVALS & SCREENINGS: Côté Court “prix d’Interprétation féminine & prix de la Presse” (Paris), Prima Nova (Brussels), Espace Delvaux (Brussels), Festival Silhouette (Paris), Les Innatendus (Lyon, France), Cinéma L’Aventure (Brussels)