Bivouac Recordings / 60 minute city : Mexico City

60minute of sounds from Mexico City.
Audio Track Listing:
1- Street Sellers In The Historic Center (6:00) / 2- Mariachis At Garibaldi Square (6:00) / 3- Rainy Season (6:00) / 4- Confrontation With The Police (6:00) / 5- Demonstration In Front Of The Senate (6:00) / 6- In Front Of San Judas Tadeo Church A 28th (6:00) / 7- Street Musician (6:00) / 8- Policemen Summer Camp (6:00) / 9- Lucha Libre (6:00) / 10- Train Passing By In Lecheria (6:00)

I first arrived in Mexico in 2009 to work with the visual-artist Francis Alys / I just met him a few months ago on a shoot in Morocco and Spain / I was living at his workshop; a small flat on the top of the house with a big balcony / It was in the historic center of Mexico City, behind the Zocalo (main square), right behind the tourist areas / It’s the quietest part of the city at night and is extremely ‘soundy’ (noisy for others) during the day / Street sellers are the main sound sources of the polyphony / After that, I first traveled a few times a year to Mexico, principally to work with Francis, but also just to be there- to live in the city or travel in the country / I moved my ‘base’ there at the end of 2012. I’m still living in the center, but in another area and am still trying to discover new places and new sounds in this huge city //