Artist Talks: Félix Blume

Artist Talks: Félix Blume in conversation with Melissa Pons

Hello and welcome to our 6th episode of this special series.

Today we have a wonderful conversation with award winning sound artist Félix Blume, who has a variety of works in many distinct regions of the world, marked mainly through his collaborative process.

We talk about forms of listening, sound authorship, the power of sound to inquire and understand and working with children.

Books mentioned:
The Falling Sky – Davi Kopenawa Yanomami with Bruce Albert
R. Murray Schafer – The Tuning of the World
Juliette Volcler – L’orchestration du quotidien – Design sonore et écoute au 21e siècle

Artists mentioned:
Chris WatsonGordon HemptonBernie Krause