ANGEL ET JEANNE, documentary by Adrien Lecouturier (France)

Angel et jeanne
45min – HD – Couleur
Adrien Lecouturier
avec Angel Rocher et Jeanne Monot
Production: Barney Production /
Les Films Nus
Sound Recording: Florian Namias, Thomas Berliner, Clément Maléo, Félix Blume,
Editing: Julie Borvon
Sound Editing: Margot Testemale
Mixer: Fanny Weinzaepflen
Music: Jean François Monot

In the 13th district of Paris, Angel and Jeanne are living at the 27th floor of a building. They’re madly in love and that’s why they´ve decided to live together in this small studio. It’s their senior year, they want to travel, to dream and enjoy their new life. In their flat, they make their own world and live their love story with great passionate crises. It’s the beginning of a year wihtout studies nor work, a sabbatical year… and maybe the memory of their first love.

SCREENING the 29th of November 2014 @ Cinéma le Panthéon, Paris