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Amazônia, 32 minutes in the Amazonian Rainforest
The inhabitants of Tauary, a little village in the heart of the Amazon, invite us to listen to their everyday sounds for a day. From sunrise at the forest up to a canoe ride, throughout a stormy night, from playing in the river up to a crocodile hunting… In constant dialogue with their surroundings, they imitate animal shouts (monkeys, toucans, macaws, hummingbirds) so we can listen to their singing.

Arte Radio

Many thanks to all the inhabitants of Tauary.
Release Date: 2020

Broadcast & listening sessions: Maison de la Poésie (Fr), Bricoles (Fr), Radio Campus Bruxelles (Be), City Sonic (Be), Radio Nunc (Fr), Festival Constellations (Fr), Reflets du cinéma ibérique et latino-américain (Fr), Festival Lucia Radio Papesse (It), Jade FM (Fr), Bruits #3 (Fr), RadioMA (Fr), Cie l’Effrai (Fr), Musée d’histoire naturelle (Fr), Now Future (Fr), Jardin Botanique de Tallinn (Et), Théâtre de Narbonne (Fr), Festival Artbox Annecy (Fr), Monteaudio (Uy), Gaîté Lyrique (Fr), (Fr),
Exhibitions: Festival L’arbre et la forêt from l’Atelier des Empreintes (Fr, 2022), Palais de Tokyo (Fr, 2022), Théâtre Privas (Ardèche, Fr, 2024),

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Nominated at the Phonurgia Nova Prize 2020

Exhibition in Théâtre Privas (Ardèche, Fr, 2024)