ACAPULCO SUNSET, lo peor succede al atardecer, feature film by Papus Von Saenger (Mexico)

Acapulco Sunset
in post-production

Director: Lino Georg von Saenger
Productor: Jose Leandro Cordova Lucas
Production: CineMexico / Rio Negro / Itaca Films
Sound Recording: Félix Blume
DOP: Tatiana Viana
Editing: David Torres

ACAPULCO SUNSET is a detective movie set in the 80´s in Acapulco. Matero Osorio, the best criminalist of México is called upon a case that happend in federal waters. The corpse only had a purple swimsuit, made by the world renown designer, Armando Santanaya. Mateo Osorio gets trap in a world of corruption, lust, and vengeance.